Earthquake on 8/23/11


So, I would have talked about this yesterday, but I was too shaky to do anything. Let me tell you what happened…

I was lying down on my mother’s bed playing with my brother who just woke up when all of a sudden the bed starts moving. My first thought is that it’s our neighbors laundry machine (we live in a condo) then my mom who is in the bathroom yells for me to stop jumping on the bed… but I’m not. Then it sounded like someone took a club and smashed everything in my room that’s across the hall. I immediately hold my brother close to me. Then my mom takes him from me and asks whats happening. I tell her that I think that it’s an earthquake. It was a strange idea first because we live in Virginia and earthquakes barely happen but I mean everything was shaking. We run down stairs and the earthquake is still going on. We then run into the living room. The mirror fell off the ledge, our 58 in. tv was shaking and about to break, and the chandelier was shaking a lot. I tell her we need to leave the condo right now incase another earthquake/aftershock occurs. My mom wanted to grab things to take with her but I told her that we had to leave NOW. But, she grabbed a bunch of stuff anyways. After we left we went running down the stairs with my brother in my hands. A lady was screaming and crying into her phone out of our condo complex. People were all standing near the streets huddled up together. Then my mom drove to my grandma’s house to make sure they were okay. We turned on the radio and heard the Breaking News. Then we heard that the WHOLE east coast felt the 5.9 earthquake… Even TORONTO!!! and Ohio and Detroit. My goodness! That’s almost 6 the¬†Richter Scale goes up to 8… Terrifying, I know. The epicenter was in Mineral, VA. We don’t live too far from there. Oh god.

This was a very interesting, shocking experience¬†for me. I have never been in an earthquake before in my thirteen years of living, but I do NOT want to experience it again. A lot of aftershocks occurred after the earthquake throughout the day and this morning. So far I haven’t heard of any injuries (thank god).

PS. It took my father two hours extra to get home! Bumper to bumper traffic!!